Elite 11

The nation’s premier quarterback experience

Our platforms serve the most scrutinized, most important, and most visible position in all of sports. A golden opportunity for our partners to “influence the influencers.”

Historically, QB training was not widely accessible, being more closely tied to socioeconomic factors than anything else. It has been our mission to change that.

For more than 20 years, Elite 11 has provided a best-in-class experience to tens of thousands of athletes as a step in their journey to become a better leader on and off the field. Each spring a national circuit with 8-12 regional events is followed by the Elite 11 Finals, where the nation’s best and brightest come together to learn and compete with top-of-the-line coaching and off-the-field curriculum.

of the last 14 Quarterbacks to win the Heisman Trophy
National Football League Most Valuable Players
National Football League first round draft picks

Brand Partner Activations

Our brand partners engage with our audience when they are most attentive and impressionable, benefiting from the authentic relationship we have built with the athletes, their parents, peers and the football community they live in.

Supported the launch of GX, Gatoradeʻs personal hydration products, by featuring a personal connection to the athlete

  • Product Seeding – Hydration bars, towels and personalized bottles activated on sidelines, in locker rooms, playerʻs lounge and meeting rooms.
  • Research + Development – Collaborated with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute prior to the commercial launch of the Gatorade Sweat Patch
  • Original Content (NIL) – “Gatorade My Play” – short series featuring branding and products distributed by the athletes through their personal channels.

Event integration and asset creation mean to build an authentic relationship with our audience with the goal of signing athlete partnerships when they become eligible.

  • Athlete Invites – Panini digital trading cards created for each athlete as they are invited to the national finals, distributed through Elite 11 channels and the athletesʻ personal channels
  • Custom Social Campaign – Panini National Signing Day features our high school alumni with video analysis provided by Trent Dilfer
  • Influencer Marketing / Content Seeding – Panini-branded photo booth at national events drives organic posts by influential athletes

Organically integrated the US Air Force Special Ops brand and personnel into event experience, with a focus on authenticating the brand and recruiting athletes.

  • Custom Event Activations – Air Force leadership seminars, branded athlete awards along with Special Ops personnel integrated on-field via the Air Force Combine Challenge
  • Branded Event Results – Air Force branded national leaderboard with weekly updates and data distribution post-event
  • Influencer Marketing / Content Seeding – Branded assets created and shared with athletes for distribution on their personal channels.

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